Gamble on the Bump

May 9, 2008

Let the Games Begin

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What better way to welcome Baby Brundage into this world than to gamble on his/her arrival?

Here are the rules:

  1. Each bet is $5
  2. A bet will consist of arrival date, baby weight and gender (gender will not be part of the bet, I just want to keep a tally)
  3. Each day can have multiple bets
  4. Each person can bet on multiple days
  5. Winner takes half of the pot, Baby Brundage takes half of the pot
  6. Last day for betting will be November 1st
  7. Funds must be received by November 10th

*Amendments to original rules

  1. Parents-to-be can vote, as long as they don’t keep any crucial information from the rest of us
  2. Seems we are also interested in guessing the fate of the child’s head, so go ahead and add that to your comments

Good luck!

Registered Bets

November 24th, 8lb – Nona

November 27th, 7lb 2oz, Girl (blond hair) – Pop Jack

November 27th, 7lb 11oz, (brown hair) – Megan

November 28th, 7lb 7oz, Boy (with hair, no Brundage bump) – Baby Mama

December 1st, 8lb 9oz (with the Brundage bump) – Baby Daddy

December 2nd, 8lb 2oz, Girl (with no hair) – Aunt Jackie

December 2nd, 8lb 10oz, Boy (no hair) – Gram Linda

December 7th, 8lb 14oz, Boy (blond hair) – Aunt ShayShay


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